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Local Oven Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning in Cadnam

OvenKing offer a wide variety of professional oven and carpet cleaning services in the county of Hampshire. All of our local technicians have been trained to the highest possible standards. We use a mix of both eco-friendly and fume free chemicals. This ensures that your oven ends up looking like it has just come out of the show room.

We offer the best service out there, we are happy to take calls for any questions that you may have about our services. If you just want to call for a quotation, we are happy to help.


Looking for an oven or carpet cleaner or for a full end of tenancy clean in Hampshire? Look no further than OvenKing!

If you are interested in any of our local oven cleaning and carpet cleaning services in Cadnam, Hampshire then please contact us now at Oven King.

Looking Like New

Our operators do a professional job regardless of the state of the oven. See below for a before and after shot of one of our jobs. We can get your oven looking like new.

OvenKing Oven Cleaning Gas Electric

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TR19 Certificate and Fire Regulations

TR19 Certificate and how it relates to Fire Regulations and Insurance A good cleaning and maintenance regime for canopies and grease extract systems reduces the risk of fire, ensures compliance with Fire Safety Legislation and Building Insurance Policies, as well as reducing the risk of Food Safety Incidents and improves the efficiency of the equipment. OvenKing ensure all work is carried out to B&ES TR19 standards and provide certification to our clients to prove compliance with legal and insurance requirements.   The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) brought about major changes to Fire Safety Regulations, it was principally designed to increase fire risk assessments and improve fire prevention by minimising risks. A large change with these regulations are that the company/individual now has a legal duty to nominate a ‘responsible person’ or persons, who exercise control over all, or part of the premises. The responsible person must conduct fire hazard assessments and take any action to reduce or eliminate them. These responsibilities also apply to a contractor who is in charge of part of the premises in order to provide a service i.e. a contract caterer.  They must ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out for the catering facility, and this assessment must include the kitchens’ grease extract ventilation system. Failure to do so and to protect building users from the danger of fire will result in the prosecution of the company or organisation, and its responsible person. Fire authorities are no longer responsible for issuing fire certificates, companies, and individuals, are now responsible and accountable for ensuring legal compliance. There have been many high profile cases of this occurring including Heathrow Airport, South Mimms Services, Witney Town Centre, Royal Albion Hotel and the Hard Rock Café. Approximately 6,000 non-domestic fires each year are attributed to starting in kitchens, which represents 16 fires per day or 25% of all non-domestic fires. Within these systems, flammable grease deposits from...

OvenKing Shop | Dip Tank | Dip Tank Work Area

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank and Dip Tank Work Area OvenKing have recently made a leap forward in fitting out vans for the purpose of oven cleaning with our oven cleaning dip tank and removable dip tank work area. We had a customer down to train with us whom required to use the vehicle for other business purposes on the weekends, the room that the normal fit out would occupy meant that the customer had to pick one business or another. Our recently developed removable dip tank work area that can be removed from the van meaning that it gives the full volume to use the van for other purposes. All of our trainees are now receiving these removable work areas and are very happy with them. To see the removable work area, visit our OvenKing Shop and check out the Removable Dip Tank Work Area. The removable dip tank work area can be supplied as just the shell itself or a work area and oven cleaning dip tank. It can also be supplied as a more full package for those looking to get a van fitted with no training. The work area, oven cleaning dip tank, chemicals and tools can be supplied in one package. We are a flexible and friendly company and do our best to accommodate as many requirements as we can. If you would like to have a tailored package we would be happy to discuss with you the options.   Contact us through the OvenKing or OvenKing Shop contact forms, or ring us directly on 01202 705045.  ...

Check out our local editorial

We have been advertising locally and thought we would put up here what we have been doing for those of you that find us online only. Check out the editorial below. Get in contact with us to get your clean booked in today.. we can do anything from ovens, carpets, end of tenancies, commercial cleaning, and much more. Editorial OvenKing have been running cleaning services successfully over the past 4 years. Within those 4 years we have built up to a 5 van operation building a large and loyal customer base. We have expanded into other cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, jet washing and also commercial cleaning including kitchen cleaning and extraction ducting. We have always prided ourselves on a high standard, attention to detail and thorough work through to the end regardless of how difficult the job may be. This is why 95% of our customers come back to us. A testament to the quality of work  we do can be found on Check-a-trade and the reviews we have received and still do receive. We show an average score of over 9.8 on Check-a-trade. Give us the opportunity to undertake any works and see what we can do for...

Spring cleaning made easy

Spring cleaning made easy

Here comes that time of year again! Yes spring, the ultimate cleaning period for the almighty “spring clean”. Its a time for refreshing the house and cleaning out the old and being all ready with the new. But that requires a lot of time and a lot of elbow grease! What if you don’t have a lot of time? What if you value your spare time more but want a spring clean of your home?  OvenKing can provide cleaning solutions to help give you the best spring clean so you can stand out from the rest. First your kitchen, the one place where you cook food and try keep clean yet certain areas like your oven you just don’t quite stay on top of. But its fine as here at OvenKing we are the oven cleaning professionals and we can clean your oven using top of the range eco-friendly chemicals and custom built dip tanks. Our highly trained technicians are fully insured and qualified to clean out even the toughest of ovens. They can also clean your kitchen’s hob, Extractor, microwave and combi oven! Carpets not looking fresh enough? Well lucky for you here at OvenKing we can provide top quality professional carpet cleaning services along side our oven cleaning. We use industry leading carpet cleaning machines to fully renovate even the toughest and dullest of carpets. We can remove those tough stains or blend them as much as possible. We have found over the years that no matter how hard some stains appear to be, we have still removed them. However we cannot always guarantee the removal of stains as each carpet and stain situation is different! What about a general full house clean?  Well we can provide end of tenancy cleans which include our operatives doing a full and proper clean to completely “spring-clean” your home. For more details and price lists for our end of tenancy cleaning it would be...

OvenKings Commercial Carpet Cleaning Expertise

OvenKing has positioned it’s self as the leading provider in professional carpet cleaning services for commercial applications. Recently we have had a large increase in requests for carpet cleaning services from a number of business’s all around Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and Southampton. So just why are we the best commercial carpet cleaners? – Tools and equipment OvenKing use the best and latest in tools and equipment to give you the best service. We don’t use cheap store brought chemicals and we do not use store hire machines. We use industry leading  machines which all our operators have been fully trained to use. – Fully trained and insured All of OvenKing’s operators are fully trained and insured to undertake any and all work on your premises. Our exclusive training shines through in the outstanding work that we deliver and our operators have seen – Happy satisfied customers All of our past clients for all cleaning sizes have given back positive and happy feedback about our work. what you will find is that most of the clients then come back to use us the following year! If you would like any commercial carpet cleaning job done from a general clean to an oil spill clean up then you can contact us on 01202 70 50 45  and speak to one of our operators for more...

Professional Commercial Oven Cleaning

Here at OvenKing we can give you an unrivaled and expert commercial oven clean for your business or various private lettings. We can give you with a standard contract or one off cleans to help facilitate your needs. Here at OvenKing we have worked with Dorset Fire and Rescue, Burger  King and a large number of local pubs. We have held these customers for a long time and we keep on providing them with an exceptional level of service  because of OvenKing’s years of oven cleaning knowledge. Through our many years of experince we have learnt the best ways to deal with even the hardest and w0rst of burnt on grease and grime. We have seen and delt with it all and our expertise will shine through in any work we undertake. The oven Cleaning Process that we utilize is second to none with expert chemicals and apparatuses regardless of the size the oven will get highly cleaned. On the chance that you might want to take in more about the procedure of this exceptional oven  cleaning method read about it here. For a free no commitment quote or for help in choosing the most ideal path forward, why not call a member of our team now on 01202 70 50 45 or email us at...

Professional Oven Cleaning Chemicals and Supplies from OvenKing

Professional Oven Cleaning Chemicals and Supplies from OvenKing

Oven Cleaning Shop – OvenKing Shop Here at OvenKing we have tried and tested many different chemicals and supplies for cleaning ovens to the highest of standards. We have evaluated time and time again oven cleaning chemicals and we found we have never found “the perfect chemicals” for oven cleaning. Until now.  Check out the OvenKing Shop for all the oven cleaning shop supplies you will need to be a successful oven cleaner. Our chemicals are being manufactured bespoke for OvenKing, working with other products and devising our own which we are proud to put our stamp on. We also offer within the shop the van fittings that our operators use within their vans. We are proud of the OvenKing setup and would like to share with you what we have developed over the years. Our chemicals have been developed over a number of years by working closely with our cleaning chemical suppliers and with our operators. We have tested dozens of brands and types of chemicals and have settled on what we now sell as the OvenKing range of chemicals. Over the past few years we have rigorously tested and developed our own personal oven cleaning chemicals and supplies so we can give our customers the best possible clean. We found that other companies who were providing oven cleaning supplies, didn’t themselves regularly go out and clean ovens. However we have over 600+ positive reviews and our oven cleaning products have been tested by the experts. We have set up a dedicated OvenKing Shop website for ease of ordering with new products being added. If you require support on any products you can always call us or email us and we will endeavour to help you achieve the top OvenKing results. Give us a call now on 01202 70 50 45 for more information about our...

Correct disposal of grease waste from grease traps

Commercial waste such as Grease needs to be disposed of in the correct way. The reason for this is as it is classed as a hazardous waste so needs to be taken away by a licensed waste courier under certain regulations.   Its out duty of care and responsibility to make sure waste from grease traps is disposed of correctly. Did you know its also the business owners responsibility? that’s right, as a restaurant owner its your job to make sure it goes to the right place after cleaning. If you use a “man in van” service there is a high chance they will just pour it down a drain near-by. In that case you would also be liable for a fine. So when picking your grease trap cleaner make sure they are fully licensed. The potential hazards that grease poses to the environment is probably greater than you would imagine. It can block drains, Pollute rivers and water supply’s, injure and even kill wildlife. With so much at stake, including you business, why take the risk? Why don’t you just hire out the services of a professional and licensed waste remover. For more information about OvenKing’s services or a free no obligation quote, why not call us now on 01202 70 50...

OvenKing on Graffiti Removal Services

OvenKing on Graffiti Removal Services

Here at OvenKing we have had an increase in Graffiti Removal Service requests over the past few months. We understand that the presentation of your building is vital and that Graffiti is an annoyance to your harmony. That’s where OvenKing comes in. Here at OvenKing we do more than clean oven’s! We have the tools and equipment necessary to undertake Graffiti removal of even the toughest kind. We can remove completely or fade away all kinds of graffiti no matter the location or size. Some graffiti is sprayed onto walls which are made in a way which makes is easy to come off through using the right jet washing tools. Others require more work if on absorbent brick. If its sprayed onto absorbent brick it requires more sanding, and wire brushing with some specialist chemicals to treat the area Pricing is quoted dependant on surface its on and accessibility. If you would like a free quote give us a call no on 01202 70 50 45 or email us at with a photo of the graffiti in...

Is Extreme Homecare Groupon Oven Clean a Scam?

Is Extreme Homecare Groupon Oven Clean a Scam?

Groupon has for the past 4 months had an extreme deal on oven cleaning which is doing more harm than good. We have so many times been called out to customers needing a re-clean or who have been let down by this offer. This potential scam groupon oven cleaning deal seems to be done by un-trained and un-professional man-in-van style outfits. Firstly they have had this deal up for quite some time claiming 51% off! which over December was 70%! this means that their normal price is £79 right? Wrong. Their services for single oven cleaning are not worth £79. In fact even in their old ( The company they “shut down” ) facebook page you can see clearly printed on their van that the £39 is their normal price! Along with showing off their price on this old page, you can see many post’s which best sum up  why they disappeared and set up a new limited company. Seems trust worthy?! Its not hard to find out from reviews on Yell and their own Facebook that customers get surprise extra charges for grills or pay direct debits for them not to turn up. Yet again not trustworthy, un-professional and of course when it all goes wrong, they just close the company and set up a new one. as they have already done once. They also have a habit of leaving the job unfinished. It also appears they have a tendency to offer free cleans in return for removal of bad feedback? Doesn’t seem very honest does it! They keep a database of all customers and when bad feedback or a comment not in their favour appears on their page. They will try to bribe the customer to take it off which doesn’t seem very honest. Here at OvenKing we pride ourselves in our professional and expert oven cleaning. It saddens us when cowboy oven cleaners start ruining the industry  by falsifying...